Explorer Push-To-Talk (Cobham PTT)

'Over the horizon communications' - without the need for costly radio repeater towers to be installed.
Works in conjunction with BGAN (Land) or Fleet Broadband (Marine). 
EXPLORER Push-To-Talk (Cobham PTT) is a rugged voice dispatch and communication system. It is a cost effective, IP based voice and data communication system designed to replace VHF/UHF based trunk radio systems widely used in the field service, search and rescue, utility, mining and Oil & Gas sectors.
The system extends classical Push-To- Talk capabilities to hybrid data networks such as terrestrial 2G/3G/GPRS networks where available supplemented by the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network where no terrestrial network coverage is present. With no user intervention required the system automatically routes voice and data traffic via the least expensive network available.
The Cobham EXPLORER PTT solution solved the majority of the built-in challenges of the previous VHF system.  
- The use of BGAN and already existing 2G/3G/GPRS networks extended the coverage area.
- Improved voice quality with IP based digital voice quality compared to the analogue VHF voice quality.
- No expensive infrastructure (no VHF towers, no fixed VSAT) and thereby lower maintenance costs.
- High quality voice but also an on-the-move internet connection.
- Simplicity permeates the EXPLORER Cobham PTT solution. The look and feel is exactly like a VHF radio system - only a few buttons (on/off and call) and easy push to transmit communication